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2 Drawers File Cabinet For Office & Home Buyers Guide [2019]

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2 Drawers File Cabinet is the best type of cabinets for all the small business owners as well as for Home use. There are most of the varieties available which you can buy for your choice. Instead of this, there are also various designs available.

Having a cabinet is very important for both home & office, without them your file will be lost or someone accidentally threw it away. This is why you need to choose the documents shelves wisely as they help you to keep your files secure and can be found easily.

If you have a huge company then you can choose other cabinets, if not then 2 document cabinets are the best option. Also, it is recommended to choose a material carefully. 2 Drawer Document Shelf comes in Wood, Metal, Iron and other materials.

Best 2 Drawers File Cabinets

This is the list of top 10 best 2 drawers file cabinets for home & offices. Read the review and specifications of every cabinet so that you can choose the shelf according to your need.

10. Hirsh Industries Deep 2 Drawer Steel File Cabinet

Hirsh Industries Deep 2 Drawer Steel File Cabinet



Hirsh Industries 2 drawer document shelf is the best choice for all who Loves White Colour. It has the Milky White Finish which gives an extraordinary and awesome to look in your office. This is made of the hardwood veneer which has the smooth and lustrous finish. 

This cabinet can be used to store the letter, A4 and legal-size documents easily. The layout of this drawer is vertical which means it’s not wider but even though it’s deeper. So, it can keep more files than you expected, also it has the Hangers which used to place hanging folders there.

Hirsh Industries also cares about your security, they included a security lock in the bottom drawer. This lock helps you to secure both drawers using the same key. For easy movement, you can also get the four casters are added in this awesome drawer.


  • Vertical Size Deep Drawers
  • Four Casters for Easy Movement
  • A Lock For Enhanced Security
  • Milky White Finish
  • Smooth & Lustrous Wood


  • Cannot Store Maps or Charts

9. Alera 2 Drawer Lateral Document Cabinet

Alera 2-Drawer Lateral Document Cabinet

Alera is a Lateral 2 drawer document cabinets which can store Legal, Letter & Hanging documents. This cool file drawer comes with the Four Colours, Gray, Light Gray, Putty & Black. You can choose from these colours so that it matches with your furniture.

It has the full extension steel ball bearing which gives you the smooth gliding experience. Also, it has the interlocking mechanism which allows only one drawer to open at a time. This interlocking help the drawers to avoid getting tipped with each other.

A lock is also available to enhance the security, you can keep your personal and top-secret files without worrying about. This is not an ordinary lock, but it is a modern and most secure lock. It can be founded in the frame of a drawer, single Lock can help you to protect both cabinets.


  • Interlock To Avoid Tipping
  • Full Extension Steel Ball Bearing To Avoid Tipping
  • Security-Enhanced With Single Lock For Both Drawers
  • Four Colour Choices
  • Made Of Best Wood


  • There Are No Casters

8. OfficeMax 22″ Deep 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

8. OfficeMax 22″ Deep 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

OfficeMax 2 Drawer Document Cabinet is made of the heavy-duty steel with the steel coated handles and label holders. The size of this drawer is 22″ inch and the style is verticle. It has the deep 2 drawers with the adjustable wire which keep them in a place.

OfficeMax has a high-quality ball bearing which gives you smooth and reliable performance. This shelf also comes with one of the best Security locks which enhances your security double. You can now place your secret and personal documents in this drawer, it can be locked by using a single key. A lock is able to secure both drawers at the same time, also you can open one drawer at a time.


  • Good For Office Use
  • Made of Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Steel Coated Handles and Label Holders
  • Ball Bearing For Smooth & Reliable Performance
  • Enhanced Security With Single Lock For Both Drawers


  • It doesn’t have any casters

7. Pine Canopy Arbutus Laminate 2 Drawer File Cabinet

Pine Canopy Arbutus Laminate 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Pine Canopy Arbutus is a 24 Inches Tall 2 drawer cabinet which allows you to keep Letter, A4 & Legal size Documents. This file drawer is deep so you can also keep the maps and charts there.

Design of this cabinet is very unique & simple, it has the light brown finish. Pine Canopy can fit with your home and office furniture and gives you an additional awesome look. It is made of the best type of heavy-duty Wood and you can put about 25 pounds of supplies in this drawer.

The above surface of this cabinet can also be used to keep the Printer, PC or books. It also has the handles for each drawer to easily open them. You will need to assemble it after delivery, you will get the Book for instruction with it.


  • 2 Tall & Deep Drawers
  • Can Place Letter, Legal, A4 Papers
  • Even You Can Put Maps & Charts
  • Light Brown Finish Attracts People
  • Computer, Printers Can Be Placed On Surface


  • No Security Lock
  • Casters Are Not Available

6. Smart home 161528 2-Drawer Single Shelf File Cabinet

Smart home 161528 2-Drawer Single Shelf File Cabinet

Smart Home has the Distressed Grey finished with 2 Drawers and a Hollow area. The colour of this document shelf is really awesome and give you the most beautiful and stunning look. It can fit with your home and office furniture easily.

This is made of the Hard Wood and is Scratch, Dust resistant. You can keep Hanging files, Letter size & legal size documents in these drawers. A hollow area which is above the drawers is used to keep the books and other stationeries.

Also, this awesome cabinet has the 4 wheels which are used to move the shelf from one place to another easily.  You need to assemble it after delivery, you will get all the instructions and hardware.


  • Cool Distressed Grey Finish
  • Two Drawers and a Hollow Area For Books And Stationery
  • Best For Home & Office Use
  • Dust & Scratch Resistant
  • 4 Casters For Easy Movement


  • No Lock For Security
  • You Need To Assemble It By Yourself

5. Office Dimensions 2 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

Office Dimensions 2 Drawer Metal File Cabinet

This is the best drawer for all Small Offices, homes as well as personal use. It is made of the heavy-duty metal with ball bearings for the best user experience. Both drawers are deep and large that you can put, hanging files, letter size & legal-size documents.

Office Dimensions provides you with the best Locks to enhance security. You can put your personal files in it without being worried about the theft. It also has the handles to open and close the drawers without any issue. They added a three-quarter drawer extension which helps you to prevent them from tipping.


  • Best For Small Offices & Homes
  • Made Of Heavy Duty Metal
  • An Enhanced Security Lock For Both Drawers
  • Handles To Easy Open & Close Drawers
  • Ball Bearing For Smooth Gliding


  • There are No Casters

4. Kathy Ireland Home by Bush Furniture Ironworks

Kathy Ireland Home by Bush Furniture Ironworks

Do you want to add the natural look in your home or office then you must check this awesome cabinet? Kathy Ireland Home which is made by the Rush Furniture company is available in two natural colours. One is Coastal Cherry and the other colour is Vintage Golden Pine.

This awesome cabinet has the lateral design where you can keep letter, legal and A4 size documents. Even you can put the Computer & Printer above the surface of this shelf. Instead of this, the size is as prepared that you can even use it for writing, reading, using a laptop etc.

If you don’t like the lateral design then there are two other designs available which you can also buy. These designs include the Storage & Mobile Size. Choose the shelf which suits your personality and fulfil your requirements.


  • Gives You Natural & Awesome Look
  • Can Fit With Your Home Furniture
  • Made Of The Best Wood
  • Can Keep Letter & Legal Size Documents
  • Choose Between Two Eye-Catchy Colours
  • An Option To Choose Desired Design
  • Can Write, Read Or Use Laptop on The Surface


  • No Facility To Move It
  • Security Lock Is Not Available

3. Martin Furniture Contemporary 2 Drawer Document Cabinet

Martin Furniture Contemporary 2 Drawer Document Cabinet

Martin Contemporary is hand made Medium Oak finish is a 2 drawer lateral file cabinet. It is best for the small business owners and also for the home & personal use. This is used to keep the Legal & letter-size documents in a good manner with hangers.

It also comes with the security Lock, this lock can lock both the drawers. So, you can hide and keep your personal documents safe and secure from others.

It has full suspension ball bearing for the smooth and reliable opening of the drawers. The best thing about this shelf is that you can put it under your desk and can access it more easily.

You will receive this product fully assembled at the time of delivery & also you will get the Warranty of about 5 Years.


  • Best For Small Business Owners & Personal Use
  • Can Be Fitted Under Desk
  • Security Lock To Keep Files Safe
  • Ball Bearings for Smooth Glide
  • Fully Assembled at the Time Of Delivery
  • 5 Years Of Warranty
  • Beautiful Medium Oak Finish


  • No Casters For Movement

2. Esquire Two-Drawer Lateral File Driftwood Laminate

Esquire Two-Drawer Lateral File Driftwood Laminate

Esquire is a 31.5′ inches wider lateral file cabinet, it has the beautiful driftwood laminate finish. It is one and the only choice for all those who want to make their office and home look beautiful and can catch the attention of everyone.

The laminate finish of the drawer is helpful in protecting it from the stain, dust and moist. Two of the drawers are used to keep Legal and letter size documents easily. Also, you have given a security lock to keep your personal and secret documents safe and secure.

This product doesn’t come assembled so when you get this item you then need to assemble it by yourself. You will be provided with all the instruction in a book also the hardware’s which can be used.


  • Beautiful Driftwood Laminate Finish
  • It Will Suit With All Your Furniture
  • Laminate Finish Protect You From Stain, Dust & Scratches
  • An Enhanced Security Lock
  • Can Fit Under Tables


  • It Is Not Offered, you need to assemble it by your self

1. Poppin Black Mini Stow File Cabinet with Casters and Pad

Poppin Black Mini Stow File Cabinet with Casters and Pad

Poppin black comes in the first number of our top 10 best file cabinets. Because this is the only cabinet with all the features which everyone wants. The best thing is that it can also be used as the spare seating chair, this feature makes it unique from others.

So Poppin black is constructed by the powder-coated steel inside and outside. It has one Sittable stow which supports about 225 lbs of weight. This file cabinet also comes with the four casters which make it easy to move from place to another place. Two of the casters are lockable and the other two are free to move at 360′.

It has two drawers, one can be used to store stationaries and the second is the large drawer where you can keep the letter, legal & A4 documents. Both drawers can be locked by a single lock which can be founded in the stationery drawer. You will receive this product fully assembled at the time of delivery, which is very great and time-saving.


  • One Stationary & One File Drawer
  • Four Casters For Movement
  • One Settable Stow Supports 225lbs of Weight
  • Fully Coloured Inside & Outside
  • Assembled At The Time Of Delivery
  • An Enhanced Security With a Drawer Locker


  • N/A


So, this is the list of some best 2 Drawer file cabinets, you can now compare each cabinet and select which will fulfil your requirements easily. Every cabinet is unique in its own way as they are manufactured by the big & most famous companies. But even though there are some things which you should know before buying this is why I wrote about it.

Instead of this, let me tell you which document shelf I like the most. Poppin Black is my choice because it has almost all the features which anyone wants. It has casters for movement, a best and high-quality security lock to protect your personal and secret files.

A sitting stow which supports about 225 lbs weight, which means it can be used as a spare chair. The body is constructed with heavy-duty steel & also it is fully coloured inside & outside. It also comes fully assembled which saves a lot of your time as compared to the disassembled one.

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