Best File Cabinets For Home & Office Reviews & Guide 2019

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In this guide, you will learn how to choose the Best File Cabinets to protect your files and keep them neat and clean. Having the document cabinets will not only help you to store your personal files but when you have this your office and home will look professional.

Choosing the best file cabinets is really a headache because there are so many things which you need to take care before buying. You need to take care of so many things such as if you are buying any Wood Cabinet then you must need to know that which wood is used, is it water protected, which design you want, and so many other things.

It also applies when you are trying to buy any Steel or Iron file cabinets, you need to take care of the material used, the design, how many boxes you need. Also, we will show you how much files can a specific file cabinet store.

So, if you are also willing to buy the Best File Cabinets for your home or your office, but you are still confused which one you need to choose. Then you should keep reading this article because here I will share some top best file cabinets. Maybe you find the best cabinet for your home or for your office.

Best File Cabinets You Need To Check




1. Sandusky 600 Lateral File Steel 2 Drawer CabinetSandusky 600
2. Fireking Turtle Four-Drawer File

Fireking Turtle

3. Espresso-Wengue FILE CABINET

Espresso Wengue

4. Foremost Modular File CubeForemost Modular
5. Onyx Mesh File Cart

Onyx Mesh File Cart

6. BIRDROCK HOME Woven Seagrass File Cabinet

BIRDROCK HOME Woven Seagrass

7. DEVAISE 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile

8. Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File CabinetLorell 14341 18 Deep
9. Poppin Stow File CabinetPoppin Stow
10. Calico Designs File Cabinet in Black 51100

Calico Designs

Here is the list of these best and the most useful file cabinets for your documents and papers.

Let’s check out each and then select the cabinet which fulfils your requirements:

1. Sandusky 600 Lateral File Steel 2 Drawer Cabinet

Sandusky 600 Lateral File Steel 2 Drawer Cabinet

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This document cabinet has 2 large drawers, which came with the most variety of colours you can choose between. It can store all types of documents no matter if you have all files or have thicker files.

Sandusky is made up of steel, and it is the best solution for the smaller business as it can hold so many files. It also has the interlock system, which allows opening 1 drawer at a time, in this way you can avoid the drawer from accidentally tipping over.

This drawer is the first option for all small business owners as it is very durable as compared to others, even it has the widest design. Wide design helps you to keep more files in a single drawer.

It has the lock system so, this way you can store your personal documents in it as well. The lock is of very high quality and is very stable and durable.


  • 2 Drawers
  • Can store more files because of Wide Shape
  • Interlock help you to open 1 drawer at a time
  • A lock will also help you to protect your personal documents
  • Best for Small Business


  • Occupies More Space
  • It is made of steel
  • Heavy in Weight


2. Fireking Turtle Four-Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet

Fireking Turtle Four-Drawer File


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Turtle Four Document File Cabinet is based on the 4 Drawers vertically as the name suggests it. This drawer is made by the FireKing company which is the most famous company for making the best documents cabinet drawers.

Turtle comes with the Parchment colour only which is perfect and can suit with your furniture. As you know that it is in vertical design so this is the best for legal and large-size documents. Even though it also requires a smaller amount of space

For security, they give you the lock which can be unlocked by the 4 key pins, which is very secure and can be used to hide your personal documents. Instead of this, the best part which I like about that is, this Drawer is fireproof.

Fireking claims that this can protect your files from the fire of almost 1-Hour. Even the company claims and gives you the guarantee for the lifetime from the fire.


  • It is 100% Fireproof and can protect files from 1-Hour fire
  • Can be used for Letter and Legal files
  • It has the 4 Key Security Lock
  • Turtle Four occupies smaller space


  • Cannot be extended
  • Available in single colour only


3. Espresso-Wengue 3-drawer FILE CABINET

Espresso-Wengue FILE CABINET


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Inval Americ Expresso-Wengue File Cabinet comes with the 3 drawers and has the fancy and beautiful design. This drawer is suitable for both office and also for the home, it occupies normal space and is not very heavy.

The design and the colour are the best, this can fit with all the types of pieces of furniture because of its colour. Expresso-Wengue is made up of Wood.

This drawer comes with the 2 accessory drawers and 1 document drawer, in that drawer you can place all the legal and paper sized files. It also comes with the chrome-plated security locke, it can lock all the drawers at once.

This drawer has the chrome sliders which are the stain-proof. Also, this drawer is made of the best wood which is stain, heat and scratch-resistant.


  • Can Be Used For Legal And Paper Sized Files
  • Design Is Very Simple And Beautiful
  • Comes With 3 Drawers – 2 Accessory Drawers and 1 File Drawer
  • Stain, Scratch and Heat Resistant


  • There is a risk that it may be caught fire
  • It is not expandable
  • A security lock is not very good

4. Foremost Modular File Cube

Foremost Modular File Cube

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Foremost Modular File Cube is the best choice for the smaller and larger business. It is also suitable for home use.

This is the expandable File Cabinet, which means that you can buy the Cubes according to your need. In this way, if you are starting a new business and you don’t have many files then you should buy this.

Because when your company expand you can also buy another cube and set it on the top and this way you can store more and more files.

The wood which is used in this is the solid and the best which is also scratchless. Size of each cube is 15 x 15 inches, there are so many other choices which you can use to decorate your File Cabinet.


  • Best For Smaller and Larger Office
  • Suitable For Home Use As Well
  • Can Be Expanded
  • So Many Other Designs for Expanding
  • Dust and Scratch Resist
  • Easy To Install


  • Can Be Headache When Changing Its Place
  • Single Cube Cannot Store More Files As Compare to Other Cabinets
  • There is no lock system means you cannot store your personal files


5. Onyx Mesh File Cart

Onyx Mesh File Cart

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The Onyx Mesh Mobile File Cart is made by the Safco, it has the collapsible design. It has two accessory boxes and 1 file drawer where you can hang your legal documents and other files.

Onyx Mesh Cart also gives you an additional upper layer to place your books or other things on it. This drawer has the tubular frame designed with the best metal.

It is the best carts which can be used even after buying the Document Cabinet. This is because Onyx Mesh is a portable cart which can be moved from one place to another through wheels.

It offers you the powder-coat cover, if you always forget which file you keep in each drawer then it is the best choice for you as you can see through its mesh material.


  • It is portable and can be moved from one place to another easily
  • This doesn’t occupy more space it can even put under the table when not in use
  • Files can be found easily through its mesh material design
  • Can be used for office and homes


  • Cannot put more files
  • Anyone can see your personal files if you put any
  • No option for security or lock


6. BIRDROCK HOME Woven Seagrass File Cabinet

BIRDROCK HOME Woven Seagrass File Cabinet

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If you are fed up of those Metal or Wood type of cabinets and you want something that looks natural. Then you must check out this amazing BirdRock Home Woven Seagrass File cabinet.

This cool cabinet is the best file cabinet you can choose to add a natural look in your home. BirdRock is made of brown Sea Grass which fits almost all the furniture.

It is not just an ordinary woven cabinet it is very strong and stylish cabinet every. This can store the Letter-Sized or Legal Sized documents easily. There may be you feel uncomfortable as it doesn’t provide you security but instead of this, it is very awesome.

It is not only used to store files only but instead of this, it is used to store Toys, Pillows, Blankets, Magazine and so on. BirdRock Home comes with the spherical tyres which make it easy to move from one place to another.


  • Best For Natural Lovers
  • Can Hold Other Households as well
  • Legal and Letter Sized Can Be Stored
  • Fits with Any furniture


  • Not Good For Security
  • Cannot Be Used to Store Much Files

7. DEVAISE 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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DEVAISE File Cabinet is made up of very strong and Stain proof metal. The total height of this file cabinet is of 23.6 which can be fitted under your desk easily. It comes with the 3 drawers space, 2 of them are for the stationary while the 3rd supports legal sized documents in horizontal.

This drawer has the lock for the security which locks three of those drawers at once using a single key. It may feel uncomfortable as it only needs 1 key to unlock all three drawers.

Devaise has the five casters, the front two casters are used to lock while the centre caster avoids it from tipping. It is just the best and one of the most useful file cabinet ever.


  • It is fully metal structured
  • Can be stored under your desk
  • Two Stationary Drawers
  • One Drawer for Legal Sized Documents


  • Security is not good
  • Cannot be used in bigger offices

8. Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet (1) (1)

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Lorell Deep 2-Drawer is the most selling file cabinet ever. It is very small in size and that’s why it can be stored under your tables without any issue and doesn’t occur too much space. These drawers come with the two large size drawers which are suitable to store legal and letter sized documents.

It is also very light in weight so when you take it to the stairs it won’t make you sweat. Instead of this, you can store as many files as you want because it has the most smooth gliders. You will never face any problem with those they won’t stick while moving it.

These cabinets come with the ease of 5 minutes to install handles on it, instead of this, they are only of about 18 inches. It is also good but if you need more space you have to pay more for that. Another thing which I don’t like about these drawers is that there is no caster available for the ease of mobility.


  • Light Weight
  • Made of Steel
  • Two Large Drawers for Files
  • It has a track to hang the files
  • Can Be Fitted Under Table


  • Cannot Store More Files
  • There is no caster for the mobility

9. Poppin Stow File Cabinet

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If you are willing to buy the fancy file cabinet then Popping Stow is the best option to choose. It comes with the two same-sized drawers which are suitable for both legal and letter-sized documents.

This File Cabinet comes with only white colour and it is very well designed and have a fancy look. It is powder-coated construction and they promise for the durability and craftsmanship.

You can also make it your jewellery box because it has the full 360 ° swivel bound, so you just need to lock and then roll :D. It is the right time to avoid those old designed cabinets and bring this modern and cool Poppin Stow Cabinet.


  • Clean and Fresh Look
  • Locking the Drawers with full 360 ° swivel bound
  • Can Be Used For Other Purposes
  • Have Solid Metal Handles


  • Available Only In White Colour

10. Calico Designs File Cabinet in Black 51100


Check Price

It is stylish and the modern file cabinet which can be used in offices as well as in the home. This Calico design has the 3 drawers in which two of them are used to store the stationery such as pens, markers, chalks and scissors etc. The third drawer is for the Legal and Paper sized documents where you can keep them in a horizontal way. Along with the two drawers, there is an additional plastic tray which is used for multi-purposes in an office.

Instead of this, it has the security lock to keep your personal files away from others. The lock of this Calico File cabinets helps you to lock all three drawers with a single key. Another thing is that it is not very tall or very wide so, you can also put it under your desk. It only requires a smaller space in your office or in your home where you put it.


  • Made Of Strong Metal
  • Stylish and Fancy Design
  • Two Drawers for Stationary
  • One Large Drawer for Documents
  • Additional Plastic tray for Other Stuff


  • N/A

Why Buy File Cabinets

If you opening a new office for your work, and you have so many files but don’t know where to keep them. Then you need to must have a file Cabinets for storing your work files. In this way, your office will look professional and also your files will remain safe and your office will also remain neat and clean.

Because having so many files on the desk really mess your office look and also it gives a bad impression to the employs. So, when you have the beautiful well-designed cabinet you can keep files there and then your office will look amazing.

This rule also applies to the Home, when you have so many office files, it is very hard to keep them secure. Because if you are married and have little babies when they really mess all your house so maybe they also tore your pages. In this way you need to have a file cabinet, to store your files also to protect from your kids.

Even though if you are like me who always forgets where you keep your files, then it is the best idea to buy a file cabinet. In this way, you can also secure your personal files as some of them came with a locker. So, your files will remain safe and you don’t need to worry about being stolen or any other thing.

Selecting Right Material

Select the right material is the most important part when choosing a cabinet. There are so many things which you need to think before going for a specific design, because a design is not as important as the material.

Every material has its own pros and cons if we compare, keep in mind that no cabinet is 100% stable. You just need to choose the material according to your home or office decoration.

Most of the cabinets are made up of Metals, wicker, wood and very rarely are made of mesh. As you know that metal is very good as it lasts long but the main thing is that it is very heavier. It messes up when you are changing the setting of your office but it is heavy so it makes it difficult to move it from one place to another.

If we talk about wood, it would be a great choice because it is very light and also fits with your furniture. So, when it comes to the cons, then it is worst as it cannot take a heavy load. Also, it catches the fire very easily and there is a risk as your files also catch fires easily.

How to Choose the Right Size

After choosing the material now it comes to choose the right size. It is also a very important part when choosing a file cabinet for your choice. The documents which you are using play a very huge role when choosing a cabinet.

If you are using the smaller pages and paper-sized documents then you can go with the Vertical Cabinet. Although, if you are using oversized pages such as maps or any other large-sized documents then you can go with the Lateral Document Cabinet.

If you are the owner of a small company and have few employs works for you then you should use the 1 or the 2 drawer document cabinet. This will help you to save most of your paperwork and are the best choice for smaller business owners.

But if you are not sure about the size then you can go with the Modular File Cabinet. When using this a Modular Document Cabinet, it allows you to add or remove the piece when you need. So, whenever you feel you have many files just order another piece and place it above on the cabinet.

This way you can add as many pieces as you want to, it depends on your requirements. Ok, so now let’s just check out the Best Document Cabinet for your files.


These are some most and the best File Cabinet for your personal documents and also best for your office as well as home. Each cabinet is perfect in their own way, the only thing that matters is that in which purpose you are going to use.

You can choose the cabinet of your choice from above and then select which will help you in your office. Also, if you are searching for 2-Drawer Cabinet or 3-Drawer Cabinet. You can then also check it on my website, I have also collected the most brilliant File Cabinets which fulfil your requirements.

These are not only best but even they are the cheapest file cabinets on Amazon. You can check out the price of each cabinet by going to the link which is given below on each item.

If you have any question or need help please feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be very glad to listen from you people 🙂

If you like this article share it with your friends and also with your office mates so you can help them to choose the best file cabinets. Also, enable push notification in your browser so every time I update the article you get notified through push notification.

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