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Cheap File Cabinets are best when you are starting a new business or don’t have enough budget. So, today I am also going to share with you the top ten best and cheap file cabinets. These file cabinets which I will share aren’t only cheaper but these are also best and long-lasting.

Most people around the internet are searching for cheaper but better cabinets. Due to some reasons, they can’t find it because the internet is huge and this is why you also get millions of suggestion. Checking all of those searches you make and read about each and every cabinet is a time-consuming task.

Even it makes you feel doubtful and you never made a choice. This is why everyone is required to read a buyer’s guide before purchasing anything through an online store. In this article, I also try to guide you and provide you with the best and cheaper file cabinets for home & office use.

Cheap File Cabinets List

This is the list of some top ten best cheap and long lasting file cabinets. It is the free look you can review each and every cabinet below the name of that cabinet.

1. Collapsible Linen Filing Boxes for Easy File Folder Storage

Collapsible Linen Filing Boxes for Easy File Folder Storage

This is the versatile collapsable box for legal and letter size documents. It can handle almost every paper in your office, it is used to store maps, charts & hanging files in style. This box style file cabinet is portable and has the unique and the best design.

It is made of the linen cloth which is very easy to clean the dirt from the cabinet. Also, it comes with the lid which avoids dirt to stay out from your personal files and papers. This file cabinet is very easy to carry from one place to another and if you are not using it just collapse it and put in your shelf.

It also comes with the practical card slots which make it easy to keep files in place. You will also find the label holder there so that you never forget which document you put in which box. This can be easily put under the table or above the table so that you access it instantly.


  • Easy To Clean
  • Can Carry From One Place To Another
  • Beautiful Grey Design Linen Cloth
  • Practical Card Slots To Keep Files in their Place
  • Label Holder
  • Can Put Under The Table
  • Saves A Huge Space
  • Best For Office And Home


  • No Security Lock

2. Lorell LLR16872 File Cabinet Black

Lorell LLR16872 File Cabinet Black

Lorell is another cheaper but better file cabinet in our list. This low-cost file cabinet is made of the heavy-duty metal with two drawers. These both drawers are deep and spacious where you can keep the legal, letter & hanging files. Even though you can keep your Maps, Charts and other big sizes paperwork.

Lorell comes with the best and high-quality security lock, which used to secure both drawers. You can now keep your personal & important documents in these drawers without worrying about theft. It also provides you with the holder so you can open and close the drawers easily.

Precision Ball Bearing gives you a smooth and quiet opening and closing experience. Also, you can move it from one place to another with the built-in 4 casters. Two of them can be locked and the other two can move freely at the 360′.


  • Normal Price
  • 2 Large & Spacious Drawers
  • Security Lock For Anti-Theft
  • Can Keep Legal, Letter, Maps & Charts
  • A Ball Bearing for The Smooth Push & Pull Experience
  • Four Casters For Easy Movements


  • N/A

3. Lorell LLR17427 SOHO Mobile Cabinet

Lorell LLR17427 SOHO Mobile Cabinet

This is another cheaper product of the Lorell Company. It is Mobile file cabinet in vertical style with a dark black finish. Lorell LLR17427 comes with the 3 drawers, two of them are used to keep the hanging, letter, legal size documents. The third drawer is used to store the stationaries such as Scissors, Stapler, Pens, Chalks etc.

To enhance security and protect your personal documents. Lorell provides you with one of the best Locks for your Drawers which can secure all 3 drawers at a time. The interlock system is also improved so you can only access one drawer at once so that you don’t get stuck.

For easy movement and changing the place of the drawer you also get the casters. It is best for the home and small and big offices as well. You can also open and close it easily with the plastic handled installed. It will be delivered assembled so you can save your time.


  • Two Large Drawers For Documents
  • One Small Drawer For Stationary
  • An Enhanced Security Lock Mechanism
  • Interlock To Avoid Stuck
  • Casters For Movement
  • Plastic Handles To Access Files Easily
  • Assembled At The Time Of Delivery


  • Little Bit Costly

4. Mr Direct 3-Drawer Letter File

Mr Direct 3-Drawer Letter File

Mr Direct File Drawer is 18″ taller in a vertical design made of heavy-duty metal. It has the 3 deeper and spacious file drawers where you can keep the legal, letter, maps & charts easily. This vertical size drawer helps you to save your space but also keeps more files.

Mir Direct is the best drawer for home as well as for office use. It can fit with your furniture easily and the Dark Black finish gives you the awesome and fancy look. This drawer also comes with the security lock where a single lock is used to protect all three drawers.

The interlocking system helps you in opening one drawer at a time which is used to avoid tipping. It has a double plated metal front which gives more stability and durability. Also, you will find the holders so that you access the file drawer easily.


  • Three Large & Spacious Drawers
  • Beautiful Drak Black Finish
  • Vertical Size Design Saves Space
  • Best For Home & Office
  • Enhanced Security Lock
  • Interlock Mechanism Avoid Drawer From Tipping
  • 18″ Inches Taller


  • No Casters

5. DEVAISE 2-Drawer Wood Budget File Cabinet

DEVAISE 2-Drawer Wood Budget File Cabinet

This Wood File cabinet is perfect for your home & office which is made of the best MDF Wood. MDF is also known as the engineer Wood which is very durable and lasts long. It comes with the 2 drawers in a vertical shape where you can keep the hanging files, letter & legal size documents.

Durable footing construction of this low-cost file cabinets avoids from scratch and dust. In this way, you can clean your file cabinet easily and fast. It has the metal foiled handles with the wood gliders for the smooth opening experience.

You need to assemble it by yourself at the time of delivery and also you will get the instructions. The total dimension after the assembly will be 16.2″ W x 15.7″ D x 26.4″ H with 33.29 lbs weight.


  • Two Large Drawers For Legal & Letter Size Documents
  • Metal Foiled Handles
  • Made Of MDF Wood
  • Reasonable Price
  • Scratch & Dust Resistant
  • Can Be Cleaned With Just A Cloth
  • It can fit Under Any Desk


  • No Security Lock

6. DEVAISE Locking File Cabinet, 3 Drawer Rolling Metal Filing Cabinet

DEVAISE Locking File Cabinet, 3 Drawer Rolling Metal Filing Cabinet

Another product of the most famous company Devaise. In this file cabinet, you will be given the 3 large drawers where you can keep legal & letter size documents. Two of them are used to keep the stationaries or households if you are using at the home.

The third drawer is for the files where legal, letter, charts and maps can be stored easily. Hanging rails are provided to keep the files in a good manner. These three drawers can be locked with a single lock system which is also advanced and provides high-level security.

Ball Bearings in the drawers are added to run the drawers smoothly and make you feel comfortable. It has the 5 casters totally in which two are locked and the other two can move at the 360 angles. The last fifth caster is used to avoid the drawers from tipping. DEVAISE will be delivered fully assembled but without casters. You need to assemble casters by yourself with the help of the guidelines provided.


  • Total Dimension 11.8 x 18.9 x 25.2 inches
  • Can Fit Under Desk
  • An Advanced Security Lock
  • Two Stationary Drawers
  • One Documents Drawer
  • Five Casters
  • Ball Bearings For Smooth Run
  • Delivered Fully Assembled


  • N/A

7. Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Vertical File Cherry Cabinet

Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Vertical File Cherry Cabinet

Z-Line is a beautiful and the natural looking file cabinets for home & office. If you are looking for the drawer which gives you the taste of nature you should surely go Z-Line designs cabinet. It comes with a beautiful cherry finish with the black accents.

This file cabinet has two drawers in a vertical design which can be fitted under the desk. One drawer can be secured with a high-quality lock while others will remain open. There is a ball bearing extensions installed so that you feel comfortable while opening the drawer.

This file cabinet has a total dimension of 18.6 x 16.4 x 28.2 inches and has a weight of 51 pounds. It can be fit under any desk in your desk so you can access it instantly. You will receive this item disassembled which you need to assemble it by yourself with the help of a guide.


  • Small But Spacious Drawers
  • One Drawer With Security Lock
  • Enhanced Gliding With Ball Bearings
  • Made Of High-Quality Wood
  • Beautiful Cherry Finish With Black Accent
  • Total Dimension 18.6 x 16.4 x 28.2
  • Can Fit Under Any Desk


  • Need To Assemble When Delivered
  • No Casters

8. Smart Home Dark Taupe & Black Attwell File Cabinet Storage Unit

Smart Home Dark Taupe & Black Attwell File Cabinet Storage Unit

Everyone is looking for the file shelf which attracts people and takes their attention. Somehow those are very costly which everyone can’t afford but Smart Home offers you the beautiful and the cheap file cabinet. This is perfect for home as it has multiple options to decorate your house.

In this drawer, you will get the door with three hidden shelves. Two drawers to keep your documents safe and secure from your kids. Even though it comes with an additional hollow space where you can keep your books and other households. It is made of the hard and the best quality of wood so that you can keep more weight.

The above surface of this cheap file cabinet can be used to place the showpieces, computer or printer. The total dimension of this file drawer is 31.25″ W x 15.5″ D x 32.25″H. You need to assemble it by yourself because it will be delivered disassembled.


  • Eye Catchy Design
  • Made Of Pure Hard Wood
  • One Large Drawer With 3 Shelves
  • Single Drawer For Stationary
  • One Documents Drawer
  • Hollow Space For Books & Other Stuff
  • Printer & Computer Can Be Kept Above
  • Cheap In Price
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Stain & Scratch Resistant


  • No Casters For Movement

9. Vertical Cheap File Cabinet Modern Metal 2 Drawer

Vertical Cheap File Cabinet Modern Metal 2 Drawer

If you own a big company or have a lot of files on your desk which make your office looks messy. Then this cheap file drawer is the best choice for the home & office as well. It has two deep and spacious drawers to keep letter & legal size documents. You can keep & access the files easily with its commercial grade quality.

It has the metal constructed body made of heavy duty metal which gives you a lifetime warranty. This product is a stain, water, moisture, scratch & dent resistant provides you with great durability and reliability. It offers you an advanced security lock which helps you to keep files safe & secure. One lock is enough to secure both the drawers at a time so you keep your files secure from others.

It also comes with the metal foiled handles so that you can open and close drawers easily. Label holders can also be found in both drawers so you never forget which drawer you use for which purpose. It will be delivered fully assembled which saves your time and you can use it instantly.


  • Heavy Duty Metal Constructed Body
  • Enhanced Security With Single Lock For Both Drawers
  • Moisture, Water & Scratch Resistant
  • Metal Foil Handles To Easily Open Drawers
  • Ball Bearings For Smooth Glide
  • Label Holders To Understand Where You Keep The Specific File
  • Two Deep & Spacious Drawers


  • No Wheels To Move The Cabinet

10. Romatlink, 3-Drawer Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet

Romatlink, 3-Drawer Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet

This is one of the best and long lasting file cabinet in cheapest price. It will give you all the necessary things which any cabinet buyers wanted. Romatlink comes with the three drawers room, two of them are for stationary while the third is used to keep legal, letter & A4 size documents.

It is constructed with the heavy duty metal body which gives you durability and reliability. Romatlink can handle the total of 200lbs of weight even it’s inside or inside the drawers. This document shelf is water, moisture & scratch resistant which lasts long.

To protect your personal files and documents there is a lock system. A single lock is helpful to protect all the drawers at a time. It has the five casters wheels to easily move the cabinet from one place to another. Two of the casters are locked while two of them can move at the 360-degree angle. The last caster is used to prevent the drawers from tipping so you open them without any tension.


  • Best For Big Offices & Homes
  • Made of Heavy Duty Metal
  • Can Handle 200lbs of Weight
  • Drawers Can Be Secured With Single Lock System
  • Four Casters For Movement
  • One Caster To Avoid Drawer From Tipping
  • Moisture, Scratch, Dent & Water resistant
  • Cheaper & Better


  • N/A


These are some of the best & cheaper file cabinets which anyone can buy. All the cabinets I have provided are at a reasonable price and of the best quality. You can check all of the drawers by yourself and then make a choice which will suit your requirements. Also, make sure to read the pros & cons so that you find it more easy to choose the right one.

The Cabinet which we like the most is Romatlink, 3-Drawer Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet. It is all in one drawer with all the features which anyone wanted in their drawer. This awesome drawer is constructed by the heavy duty metal plates for durability.

It is the scratch, moisture & water resistant so that your drawer will remain safe for a lifetime. Three of these drawers has the security lock which keeps your personal and secret documents safe & secure. It also can handle a load of about 200lbs weight in total inside & outside.

Cheap and best what else is needed? It is all that anyone wants you can also check its price above if you like it. Otherwise, you can go with others as well because I am only sharing you what I like the most. If you don’t like it go and check out other drawers and let me know which one you like the most.

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